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Offshore Fare

Only passengers who meet the following criteria may use offshore fares when travelling on duty or from their offshore rigs:

Workers engaged in contract drilling of offshore oil and gas wells and deep water drilling

Anyone employed to work on an offshore rig providing engineering, mechanical, scientific and management services such as Geologists, Rig Managers, Drilling Crews, Load-handling crew, Catering/Living quarter crews

Sub-contractors providing ancillary services such as ‘Mud Engineers’ and diving crews providing sub-sea well maintenance.

In addition to normal offshore rigs, Jack up rigs, Submersibles, Drill ships, Floating Production vessels and Land rigs are also included

  • Company managers and other office based staff not mentioned in the above definitions are not eligible to use offshore fares
  • Proof of eligibility is a letter of authorization from the oil company, the passenger must carry staff ID card and / copy of letter of authority.