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Marine Fare

A seafarer in possession of a seaman’s book travelling to join or leave a vessel whilst on duty.

Staff employed to work on a vessel who is not a registered seaman but who is added to the manifest.

Spouse / Children of a seaman travelling to/from vessel and who has been added to the ship’s manifest. They must have a letter of authorization on letter head of the shipping company or cruise line which confirms that the passenger is joining the ship to meet active crew member, stating the passenger's name, the date of travel as well as the name and the location of the vessel and its destination ports and the crew member's position of employment on board. There are no discounted fares for youths and infants.

Service Engineers, Contractors, travelling to/from vessel to carry out work on a vessel whether in dock or at sea.

Persons engaged in repositioning of semi-submersibles or drilling rigs that is not being towed but can man oeuvre under its own power. Said persons must be in possession of seaman’s book or a letter or contract signed by the sponsor shipping company or employer on company headed paper, stating the following:-

  • Passenger Name.
  • Destination.
  • Purpose of travel.
  • Name of vessel.
  • Port of Registry.

This is a simple letter , some form of words to use may be:- ‘Our employee (Name of passenger) is travelling to (Destination) to undertake work on the MV (Name of Vessel) registered in (Port of Registry) and is entitled to use marine fare tickets’