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Cruise Crew

Riya help cruise line crew workers to reach their destination at best possible air fares. We ensures that crew working onboard a passenger vessel travel to or from their job on time, regardless of where you live and at which work port you want to reach.Our network across the globe for negotiated net fares will assist you to travel with great ease that too at your preferred cost. As per your convenience, cruise crew people can book ticket from any of the classes options available like economy, business & premium.

Who can book ?

  • Food Service Crew
  • Attendants & Cleaners
  • Able Bodied Man
  • Onboard Concessions
  • New Hire Staff
  • Technicians, divers, fabricators, electricians or any other staff of the vessel; whether sailing or is in port (Dry-Dock)
  • Spouse or Children of a seaman travelling to and from vessel, and who has been added to the ship’s manifest.


  • A letter of authorization/employment from the cruise line, manning agency, or company contracting the employee.
  • Spouse or Children accompanying Seaman must possess letter of authorization on letterhead of the shipping company or cruise line which confirms that the passenger is joining the ship to meet active crew member.

Cruise Ship Crew & Crew Manning Agents can substantially improve their operating efficiencies and reduce costs by collaborating with us.