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About Us

Riya Marine Travel is one of the leading expert in marine and offshore travel industries, providing air tickets to marine and cruise line industry for over 16 years. We make journey worthwhile for the crew travel.

Reputed to be one of the India’s best independent travel companies, Riya Marine Travel offers a broad range of seaman and offshore travel services. Our niche expertise is to provide the highest quality service. Years of rich experience has helped us in maintaining the position of an excellent service provider in marine industry. Established over 50 locations in India & 13 offices in the international domain, Riya Group Enterprises offers best travel services to crew agents from across the globe.

What are we good at?

We offer special fares to crew for joining and signing off the ship. This has been possible due to your great response which has resulted in an increased growth in the international marine & offshore sector. Along with more baggage allowance, we also offer last moment cancellation without any extra charges.

We maintain air agreements with over 85 major airlines worldwide and have successfully managed thousands of seaman airfares specifically for the crew. This enables us to provide maximum flexibility at competitive pricing on a global platform.